My Artwork

I've been drawing since my first childhood memories. My Dad and Aunt Willa Grace spent every minute they could demonstrating and having me copy everything from beach scapes to teddy bears. My very first memory was when I was frightened by a mantis on the outside of the kitchen window one night. My Dad went out and caught it and introduced it to me for as long as it took for me to be comfortable with it. So insects became part of my on going theme in my artwork. I have spent most of my life introducing students to artwork so they would not be afraid to test their limits.

All My Work Is Available to Purchase as originals or prints.


French Postcard 33 X 42 Pencil on Paper

Try To Love Her 13 X 19 Acrylic on Canvas board


Worth Getting Married 30 X 40 Acrylic on Canvas

Moms House 30-40

Moms House 30 X 40 Acrylic on Canvas

Medicine Mom 30-40

Medicine Mom 30 X 40 Acrylic on Canvas

VanGogh Mantis 20-16

VanGogh Mantis 20 X 16 Acrylic on Canvas

Mantis Love 11-14

Mantis Love 11 X 14 Acrylic on Canvas board

Teachers Chair 28 X 22

Teachers Chair 28 X 22 Oil on Canvas

Astro Mantis 14 X 11

Astro Mantis 14 X 11Acrylic on Canvas board

Out Of Graffiti 26 X 18

Out Of Graffiti 26 X 18 Prizmacolor on Pressure Board

Kiss Me 48 X 48

Kiss Me 48 X 48 Acrylic on Canvas